White Oak


The Story: One of the many things I used to do at my advertising job, is create conceptual montages for scripts, or ‘stealomatics’, to bridge the gap between the writers room and the account executives. Comprised of stock or borrowed footage, these edits would ultimately serve the purpose of selling a certain concept to the client, by allowing them to see how the written script could look on a TV screen.

Below is one of the resent projects of this type, for Angostura’s White Oak Rum, – together with the finished commercial. Lonsdale Saatchi & Saatchi.

Medium: I work with a script and, if I’m lucky, a soundtrack. My job is to visualise the written scenes and fill them with placement imagery – from films, existing commercials, music videos or stock footage, – and present the ‘fake’ commercial which would match the writer’s script – in the actions, as well as the look and feel, – as closely as possible. Depending on the changes in the approval process, these montages can also serve as a guide when the concept goes into production.


Finished Commercial

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