‘Hummingbird House’, Bali

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The story: With the recent relocation to Bali, Indonesia, and settling in for a while after months on the road, I felt very inspired to give the new home a real personal touch. The small villa in the middle of rice fields of Canggu village presented me with the perfect canvas.

With the landlords’ permission, I used the walls of the open kitchen-living space to create a whimsical mural, filled with kitties, hummingbirds, flowers, fruits and fresh juice – all the things that are guaranteed to make me happy every day. The dining-chilling area was also given a colourful makeover.

Below are the pictures of the art, as well as a little improvised photoshoot, inspired by the new interior.

The medium: I used acrylic paint and a few dozen Stained by Sharpie brush-tip pens.

1 canggu_pix_walls_wide2

2 canggu_pix_walls_detail2

3 canggu_pix_walls_detail1

4 canggu_pix_walls_detail_birds

5 canggu_pix_walls_bar

6 canggu_pix_walls_detail_sign

7 canggu_pix_walls_detail_blender

8 canggu_pix_walls_detail_shelf

9 canggu_pix_walls_detail_flowers

10 canggu_pix_walls_detail_nest

11 canggu_pix_walls_detail_kitties

12 canggu_pix_walls_wide2

13 canggu_pix_bar_blending

14 canggu_pix_bar_detail

15 canggu_pix_teaparty

16 canggu_pix_bike

17 canggu_pix_room_wide

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