Bali Whispers


The story: As part of my 6 week pledge to stay entirely off my computer, I was very excited to dedicate that time to working with my hands. Sometimes, the best way to get new inspiration in our main field or area of expertise – is to do something entirely different altogether. In my case, dedicating my mouse-clicking hours to meticulously stringing pearls and beads into necklaces proved to be the best form of therapy and creative re-charge.

What came as a result, was a collection of bright, playful, low-maintenance accessories, featuring necklaces, body necklaces, barefoot sandals and finger bracelets – perfect for that sweet tropical living. Check them out on the pix below, all taken in my habitat of the time – beautiful Canggu, Bali.

Medium: Rice paddies and ocean for inspiration + beads of all shapes and sizes for materials, some music and 10 fingers.

I also developed a small brand identity for it, on the computer 😉





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