Party Girl


The story: When I knew that my best friend Roma set her mind on shooting a short-film in Trinidad, I knew that I would be involved in the production first hand. My partner and I made a cameo as extras (here we are on the screen-grab above), and I was very excited to be producing this series of teasers for her, in anticipation of the film’s release as part of trinidad+tobago film festival official programme for 2015.

Set in the 1970s Trinidad, Party Girl, offers a glimpse into the world of the white and the wealthy, and the ambiguous and tense inter-racial and inter-personal relationships on the brink of the Black Power Revolution.

The official theme song, elegantly re-mixed by my friend, DJ & Producer Andy Himself, added a great deal of character to the vids. This dreamy, atmospheric track with a splice of vintage is available for download here. Poster design by Nadia Huggins.

Medium: video.

© copyright 2017, elena molchanova