The story: It was that time of the year, and I was very excited that my favourite client knocked on my email door yet again. I have a long-standing history with the ttff team, both professionally and personally, so this annual project has been a real treat for me.

The brief is: a cool informercial to be shown in cinemas before the festival film screenings. 2015, which is also the big 10th year landmark for the festival, was defined with the theme ’It starts here.’

With the ttff brand, I like to take inspiration from, quite literally, what I’m given.
This year there were two main sources that inspired and informed the creative direction for the video. Firstly, the theme immediately invoked the associations with a map, a location in time and space, a movement from A to B, a journey to a destination – whether known, or not quite. Secondly, the colour scheme. ttff palette is always very pleasant on the eye, but this year it is especially bright and playful. that, combined with my love to road trips, brought together the full vision.

So here is what I came up with.

Medium: motion graphics / music cred: Ratatat – Cream on Chrome.

Note: this video is best enjoyed in 720p 60fpc smooth playback!

© copyright 2018, elena molchanova